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Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary Edition gets a premium version released

Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary Edition was originally released back in October 2014 as a free-to-play game with IAPs available for additional content that players could buy when they wanted to do so. While the free-to-play version has done well for itself, apparently there was enough people out there who asked for a premium version that Tapstar Interactive listened and now there is a premium version available on Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore.

For those of you not familiar with this game, Boulder Dash the franchise has been around for quite some time now and this 30th Anniversary Edition was released to celebrate the franchise’s 30th birthday. Players go digging around in the ground and through mines, collecting gems while trying to avoid traps and other hazards. While the core gameplay stayed the same, the visuals got an overhaul with a blend of 2.5D and 3D graphics, along with the controls being made for mobile devices. Of course there are also new worlds and monsters that come with Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary Edition.

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary Edition Premium Features:

• 200+ all-new levels and more advanced physics
• Never-before-seen worlds with new creatures and spectacular 3D graphics and animations
• New multicolored gem combos, treasure chests, rare collectibles and spectacular power-ups!
• Additional DLC Worlds featuring the complete 1984 game remastered, and diabolical new designs from the original team
• No advertising and no microtransactions for consumable items
• Play as Rockford or unlock 8 other playable male and female characters including Crystal™
• First Boulder Dash game ever to include diagonal walls and movement

So this new premium version comes with no ads and no IAPs for consumable items, meaning you can now collect consumable items much easier in this version instead of having to be picky as to when you use them. Even though this is a premium version there are still IAPs available in this game for different additional DLCs such as the 1984 version of this game that has been  remastered.

If you are interested in picking up this version of Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary, you can do so off of Google Play or Amazon’s Appstore for $6.99. We’ve included the free version link below as well should you want to try the game out before making the jump to buying the premium version.

Amazon Appstore: Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary Premium

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