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TwitchTV update brings the much needed persistent player to the app and more

TwitchTV has updated their Android app today and this update brings a couple of great features to the app, one of which has been sorely needed. This new update brings the Persistent Player to the app which basically means that video will now continue to play while you re browsing for content.

So, for example, if you are watching one channel but want to check out some other channels, until you tap on the new channel you want to watch the video for the current channel will continue to play. Up until now if you left the video for any reason it would stop and cut the video out. Now that won’t happen.

The other feature introduced in this update is the Audio Only mode. This is another handy feature that lets users listen to a stream without the video playing. This means you can still listen to the stream you were watching even though your phone is locked or the app is in the background.

So far each update that TwitchTV pushed out has been pretty good, increasing how well this app runs. This is no exception. The update is now live and can be downloaded at any time. If you don’t have this app, you can download it from Google Play for free. A great way to watch our Twitch stream (hint hint).

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