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Ready Steady Mental is a new Virtual Reality game everyone needs to play

If you own a Virtual Reality headset like Google Cardboard and enjoy immersive gaming then you will absolutely want to try out Ready Steady Mental. Featuring bleedinh-edge visuals, incredibly deep gameplay, and a level of game interaction we have never seen before, this could very well be the next big thing but in a Virtual Reality sense.

Ready Steady Mental is a simple games to learn but a difficult game to master. Once loaded players need prepare themselves for a minute before initiating the game. Once you are good to go, you will dive deep into a virtual world that is so realistic that when something happens you may actually catch yourself screaming out loud. In fact the best way to describe this game is to watch the game’s trailer.

As you can see from the trailer above, using the most bleeding-edge graphics and deep immersive gameplay, your goal is to shake your head relentlessly while screaming as loud as you can for 10 seconds. Based on how much you manage to shake your head while screaming like a lunatic, you will earn points and the more you do within the time period, the higher your score.

Ready Steady Mental is available for download for free off of Google Play and contains no IAPs either.

Google Play: Ready Steady Mobile

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