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Konami releases a new style of Puzzle-RPG that uses Poker hands

There is a decent selection of Puzzle-RPGs out there in the wonderful world of Android games but a lot of them just spin the same mechanics as most other titles in the genre. There are a few exceptions to that of course and Konami’s newest release happens to be one of those. Their new came is called Swords & Poker Adventures and like the name suggests, Poker hands are where it is at with this game.

Swords & Poker Adventures has players taking on all kinds of monsters while searching dungeons for loot. However, instead of a match-3 game or something else that has been used numerous times as the game’s combat mechanic, in this game you need to make the best poker hand possible with the cards you have. You will have to share the board with the monster you are fighting, which means you need to make a better poker hand out of the cards available than the monster makes.

Swords & Poker Adventures Features:

– EASY TO LEARN, BUT DIFFICULT TO MASTER: Can you create 5 card poker hands strong enough to win matches in this simple but deceivingly deep puzzle game?
– AN INCREDIBLE & VAST WORLD: Explore stunningly crafted zones as you slay deadly monsters along the way.
– TONS OF UNIQUE & UNLOCKABLE ITEMS: Unlock powerful new weapons, shields, and magic upgrades. Use them to finish off your opponents!
– HELP FRIENDS IN NEED: Get help from friends with Daily Bonus Cards.

The more you upgrade your weapons, armor and spells, the more damage you do against the monsters you fight when you beat their poker hand with yours. However the same is true for the higher level monsters as well. When they beat your hand you take more damage.

According to Konami, you need at least a 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU or better, 1 GB RAM, and Android 4.0 to be able to play this game. If you have that and your device is supported, you can download Swords & Poker Adventures off of Google Play for free. It does come with optional IAPs as well.

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