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Gamevil’s Dungeon Link will be arriving worldwide onto Android on April 21st

Gamevil’s Puzzle-RPG title Dungeon Link has an official release date now. Developed by Kong Studios, and being published by Gamevil, Dungeon Link had been in a closed beta testing phase up until recently. With the closed beta now over, the release date has been officially confirmed for the game’s worldwide release.

If you missed our hands-on preview for Dungeon Link, essentially this is a bit of a different type of puzzle-RPG that does not feature a match-3 puzzle in order to engage in combat. Instead you have a team of characters, each being different classes like mage or warrior, and the goal is to draw a line from your character to the matching colored spot on the play field. When your character moves, they will attack enemies in their path. You get an attack bonus if you manage to use up every space in the play field.

The game was pretty fun to play while in closed beta. There is a lot of different combinations of characters to use to make up your team. Each character can also be enhanced with different runes as well. Characters use a star system for ranks, with the higher number of stars being the more powerful variant of that character. Overall Dungeon Link was a pretty good time killer regardless as to whether you play the game for five minutes or an hour. Even though it has a stamina system and optional IAPs, we found that you could play a lot without having the need to buy extra stamina and high level characters are also accessible without spending a dime.

Of course that was in the closed beta and a lot could have changed between then and the game’s release. We will be revisiting Dungeon Link when it hits Google Play for a more official review. When will that happen? According to Gamevil we should see Dungeon Link on Google Play on April 21st, 2015 which is right in sync with their initial “end of April” release time frame they announced back in February 2015 when the closed beta started.

Developer Website: Gamevil

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