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Humble Mobile Bundle 11 is now live with 80 Days, Auro, Kingdom Rush Origins and more

The newest mobile Humble Bundle is now live and features six games to start off with that you could possibly get for any price you want to pay. In other words there are three games available for everyone regardless of what price you pay. However, if you pay over the average amount at the time of your purchase, you will get an additional three games as well.

So, in total, if you pay enough you will get six games to start off with the Humble Mobile Bundle 11 and, like always, more games will be added next week. So what games are available with this bundle? Well here’s a list! If we’ve written about a game, you can access that article to the right of the game’s name.

Pay whatever you want and get:

– Avernum: Escape From the Pit
– Auro (Article Here)
– Bounden

Pay above the average and also get:

– Riddick: The Merc Files
– Kingdom Rush Origins (Article Here)
– 80 Days

It doesn’t look like there are any Android debuts right now with this bundle. That could change when more games are added next week. This isn’t a bad little bundle at all. All of these games are pretty good. Like always you can divide up how your pay, whether it all goes to charity, the developers, or a mix. We will post an update when more games are added.

Official Website: Humble Mobile Bundle 11

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