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11-bit Studios’ Anomaly franchise is on sale at 70% off, for a limited time

11 bit studios has released a series of of reversed tower defense games, all under the moniker of Anomaly. For the uninitiated, this franchise take the classic idea of tower defense (where players set up defenses such as laser turrets to stave off waves of enemies from passing by), and reverse it, where it’s up to players to be the “invading force” and make succeed in getting units from their battalion past the defenses.

For backdrop, there are alien ships that have crash landed on various spots on earth, and conventional methods of detection such as radar are unable to properly ascertain the situation, requiring “boots on the ground”. This is a good price for the games in a solid franchise, especially if you like the tower defense model.

We still have our Android game sale round-up coming up shortly as well. Until that goes live though, between this and the SNK Playmore sale, there is still a lot to check out that is on sale in the meantime.

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