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Epic Games brings Unreal Engine support for the HTC Vive VR Headset

The HTC Vive is quickly become a major contender in the Virtual Reality headset space and it hasn’t even been released yet. With a partnership between Valve and HTC, the HTC Vive headset already has some great hardware and software being developed as well as third-party companies building sensors and other goodies for it. Today one more company has announced support for the HTC Vive, which will definitely lend some extra power to the gaming aspect for the HTC Vivie.

Epic Games, developers of the Unreal Engine game development engine, has announced support for the upcoming VR headset but in a rather subtle way. Epic Games recently updated its roadmap to indicate that Unreal Engine 4 will support Steam VR which will be running on the HTC Vive. So essentially, by supporting one, Unreal Engine will be supporting both. Of course actually playing Unreal Engine based games on the HTC Vive will require actually owning a headset which isn’t even available yet except for developers.

It will be interesting to see what the other headsets do now that the Vive has Unreal Engine support, or for that matter what Unreal Engine made games will show up for the HTC Vive. Needless to say, we are starting to really want on of these headsets.

Website Referenced: Engadget | Trello (UE4 Roadmap)

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