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Twitch app updated with Chat Mentions, so people can now see you talking to them

The Twitch mobile app has been updated with a pretty handy feature that the web version of their platform has had for a bit now. Users of the mobile app can now use Chat Mentions inside the chatroom in any channel they happen to be watching while in the application. This means people will actually be able to see you talking to them.

This is especially useful when using the mobile application for Twitch and watching a busy channel with lots of viewers. It is hard enough to see someone talking to you in the channel on the web version of Twitch, but trying to see it on the mobile app it twice as hard. What the Chat Mentions do is put the person’s name you are talking to in a big dark bold box, so it is much more noticeable. This works exactly the same for the app now, making it a hell of a lot easier to see people talking to you, or people seeing you talk to them.

The Chat Mentions work pretty much like Twitter actually. To mention someone in the Twitch chat, just add a @ before their name, for example @DroidGamers would show up in bold for us when we are streaming and you are talking to us. It will be easier to see. Tapping a username will also bring up this functionality as well as being able to ignore a user in the room. Streamers and Mods will also see the Time Out and Ban functions now when tapping on a user’s name.

This update is now live on Google Play and can be downloaded at anytime.

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