Day: April 30, 2015

Game News

Roller Cactus skates on to Google Play for free

Released by Devilish Games, Roller Cactus is a game of matching shapes. The set up for Roller Cactus is simple. There’s a cactus on a set of roller skates, and it’s speeding along an old, dusty road. On this road are brick walls with various shapes cut out of them, and players must contort the cactus into mimicking these shapes, so as to glide through unharmed.

Game News

Do you still plan to download Mortal Kombat X when it actually gets released globally on Android?

Mortal Kombat X was supposed to be a massive release for all platforms in the gaming industry, and it has been for almost all of them. It’s April 30th and Android is still without Mortal Kombat X on a global scale. So far it appears that the Philippines is the only region who can access this game right now, and there is no real word as to when the rest of the Android world will be able to get their hands on it. With the sheer amount of comments on our YouTube channel and here on the site regarding Mortal Kombat X, we figured it would be interesting to see who actually still plans to download this game when it does become available, and who does not plan to get it.

Game News

More details released about Sega’s upcoming Monster Gear title for Android

A couple of days ago we reported on a new game heading our way from Sega called Monster Gear. This game is described as a “hunting-action” style of game, similar to other titles out there like Monster Hunter. Well now there are some new details about Monster Gear available and as it turns out, it may not be as similar to Monster Hunter as we may have originally thought.

Game News

Bandai Namco celebrates the 20th anniversary of Tekken with a new Galaga/Tekken mash-up mobile game

We have seen some pretty odd mash-ups and cross-overs when it comes to mobile games, usually pertaining to games like Puzzle & Dragons or similar Puzzle-RPG titles. However recently we did get a Star Wars / Contra mash-up which brought us the original Contra game but featuring Star Wars enemies and the main character you play as was Chewbacca. Today Bandai Namco has brought us another unique mash-up, this time featuring Galaga and Tekken.