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Do you still plan to download Mortal Kombat X when it actually gets released globally on Android?

Mortal Kombat X was supposed to be a massive release for all platforms in the gaming industry, and it has been for almost all of them. It’s April 30th and Android is still without Mortal Kombat X on a global scale. So far it appears that the Philippines is the only region who can access this game right now, and there is no real word as to when the rest of the Android world will be able to get their hands on it. With the sheer amount of comments on our YouTube channel and here on the site regarding Mortal Kombat X, we figured it would be interesting to see who actually still plans to download this game when it does become available, and who does not plan to get it.

It even seems like there is a communication breakdown between Warner Bros and NetherRealms, at least in a public sense as no information regarding the Android release has come out over the past few weeks to even enlighten all the people waiting for this game to become available as to what the hell the delay is for, or even when it will launch globally. Many people speculate that it was an exclusive period that Apple snagged with a lot of cash. We hope it isn’t that and that it is just bugs and such that need squishing. However, if the latter is the case then there should at least be something said to keep people informed. Radio silence isn’t okay, especially when the game was supposed to be released at the same time as other platforms, including the iOS version.

Even if you are not a mobile gamer to this extent, and own the console or PC version of MKX, if you own an Android phone you can not get some of the rewards and unlocks for your version of the game because they require the mobile version of MKX to be installed on your device and synced up to your WB Account.

A lot of people are claiming they will not be bothering with the Android version of Mortal Kombat X even after it is released globally because of this delay. Others plan to download it only for the unlocks for the console and PC version they own. Many other still plan to get it but not spend a dime on IAPs, whereas they were going to originally. All of this could have been kept in line with just a little bit of information from the developers about the delay. If you are a game developers, this is always a good lesson to learn from. People are a lot more understanding when you at least keep them informed, even a little bit.

So instead of doing a poll, which was the original plan, if you plan to download, or not download Mortal Kombat X when it finally goes global on Android, let us know in the comments below and the reason behind you decision. Hell, if you plan to get it but only for the unlocks on PC/console, or that you aren’t going to spend money on it anymore, or whatever your plan happens to be, let us know that too. Perhaps the developers will see it and leave answers. It definitely wouldn’t be the first time developers have addressed comments left here on our site.

Of course it could still be released globally today right? RIGHT?!

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