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Roller Cactus skates on to Google Play for free

Released by Devilish Games, Roller Cactus is a game of matching shapes. The set up for Roller Cactus is simple. There’s a cactus on a set of roller skates, and it’s speeding along an old, dusty road. On this road are brick walls with various shapes cut out of them, and players must contort the cactus into mimicking these shapes, so as to glide through unharmed.

As the game progresses, these obstacles come along at an increased rate. And if (when?) players finally allow the cactus to smack into one of the brick walls, they have the opportunity to achieve a “cactusality” (think cactus fatality) by causing the cactus to lose all of its branches in the ensuing crash. If the premise of this game seems familiar, it is probably because you’ve seen a similar sort of thing in a Japanese gameshow where humans do this and, should they fail, they end up falling into water.

Roller Cactus is available on Google Play for free and contains no IAPs either. You can see this game in action by watching the trailer below, or just watch it to see some guy in a cactus suit act weird.

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