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Spacetime Studios releases a new video series for the game mechanics in Call of Champions MOBA

Spacetime Studios has started their Alpha testing phase for their upcoming MOBA for mobile devices titled Call of Champions. If you have missed our previous coverage of this game, Call of Champions is a new MOBA heading our way soon that is geared completely towards mobile gameplay and eventually eSports as well. In fact three of the people in the current Alpha testing phase are former pro League of Legends players Spacetime brought on board to consult in the development of this game.

We have gone over Call of Champions mechanics a couple of times now but the best way to learn the game’s mechanics, besides actually playing the game, is to at least see it in action. Words can only describe it to a point but actually seeing it can give a bit of a better understanding as to what is going on in each match. So Spacetime Studios has released a series of three videos that goes over the mechanics that will be in Call of Champions.

One video goes over The Orb, which is what each team will need to ‘push’ down the map if they plan to be successful in destroying their opponents base. This Orb essentially mitigates a lot of the damage that the towers on the map put out, making it actually possible to destroy them instead of having the towers just kill you.

The second video goes over the power-ups in Call of Champions, how you can get them and how they affect your team, since a lot of the power-ups are actually team-based ones. The third video goes over the class system in Call of Champions, which has the heroes in this game divided up into five different classes.

We’ve included the first video here explaining the Orb of Death. The other two videos can be viewed on our YouTube Channel as well, both of which are linked below.

YouTube: Power-Ups Preview | Class System Preview

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