Day: 4 May 2015


[UPDATE: Game Released] Mortal Kombat is coming to mobile with Mortal Kombat X, a free-to-play fighting/card-battler hybrid

The Mortal Kombat franchise is finally getting a mobile game and honestly it is about damn time too. Warner Bros has officially unveiled a Mortal Kombat game for mobile devices called Mortal Kombat X and while it may not be 100% what we would hope would come in a Mortal Kombat game for mobile devices, it isn’t completely not want we want either.


Disney Infinity Toybox: 2.0 Review : The Magic of Spending

Disney Infinity Toy Box: 2.0 has finally been released on Google Play, but how does it hold up on mobile? I’ve been playing around with the features the new-to-Android game offers up.¬†Although I’ve been a Disney Infinity fan since the first game’s release, and pretty much a Disney fanatic since I was old enough to speak, I’m going to do my best as any decent game “journalist” (I use that term very loosely) would and give my honest opinion.¬†