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Humble Bundle launches a new mobile bundle themed around Artifex Mundi titles

There is a new Humble Mobile Bundle launching right now that is themed around another game development studio, this time around it being Artifex Mundi who has gotten their own bundle. Like previous themed Humble Bundles, this one features the three tier system where you can pay what you want for a few titles, or pay above the average amount for a few more titles, or pay over $9 for all of them.

Of course like all Humble Bundles, this one also allows you to divide up where your funds go, whether it is all to charity or split between charity, Humble Bundle, and the developer. In this particular bundle, paying any amount will net you three games. Paying above the average amount at the time of your purchase will net you an additional four games. Pay over $9 and you will receive an additional two games for a total of nine games to start if you pay the Tier 3 price.

Pay what you want and get:

– Deadly Puzzles
– Time Mysteries 1
– Clockwork Tales

Pay above the average amount and also receive:

– Demon Hunter
– Grim Legends
– Time Mysteries 3
– Time Mysteries 2

Pay over $9 and receive everything including:

– Grim Legends 2
– Enigmatis 2

Of course this is just the first week’s titles and like always there will be additional games added to this bundle next week as well. Artifex Mundi games are mainly adventure/hidden object type of games but with some pretty good art to enjoy along the way. This particular charity run is actually to help prevent cancer so the cause, as always, is a good one. We will post an update when more games are added.

Official Website: Humble Artifex Mobile Bundle

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