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Cartoon Network and D3 GO! announces Adventure Time Puzzle Quest, arriving this Summer for mobile devices

Cartoon Network and D3 Go! have teamed up to announce a new Puzzle Quest game called Adventure Time Puzzle Quest. Unlike previous Puzzle Quest titles, this new one won’t have the more serious fantasy look and theme to it, since it will be bringing the animated Adventure Time show from Cartoon Network into the fold.

While the gameplay won’t stray too far from the tried and true system already in place with the Puzzle Quest franchise, the locations, content, and characters will all be different, themed around Adventure Time. That also mean there will be plenty of humor in this new game as well. Players will be following Finn and Jake as they journey through the Land of Ooo, defeating bad guys with ‘totally mathematical abilities’, plenty of equipment and items to use, and a whole lot of sandwiches.

With its mix of strategy and role-play elements that tap into the creativity of the expansive universe, Adventure Time Puzzle Quest from D3 Go! is a fantastic addition to our video game franchise that will deliver an all-new gaming experience for the show’s fans. – Pete Yoder, vice president, Cartoon Network Enterprises, North America.

Players can expect to complete quests and participate daily events if they want to, collect new characters, and compete in numerous tournaments which will reward players if they do good. All of this is done in an Puzzle-RPG style of game, in case you are not familiar with Puzzle Quest. Unfortunately we don’t have videos as of yet to show what this game will look like, and only a singular screenshot of the combat phase, but we can guess it’ll feature the same styling as the show has.

When Adventure Time Puzzle Quest is released, which will be sometime this Summer, it will be free-to-play which means there will be optional IAPs as well. When screenshots are available, we will add them in an update.

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