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DeNA’s Blood Brothers 2 gets updated with new Guild function and more special events

Blood Brothers 2 from publisher DeNA has been out for a bit now and today the game has been updated with some new goodies for current players to partake in. The biggest addition to the game is the new Guild system which is pretty much as it sounds. The Guild system allows for players to band together to create their own guilds.

There is also a new chat function for the Guild system to players within the same guild can talk together, whether it be about strategy or just whatever else comes to mind. However, being a part of a guild also has some benefits to your character and gameplay. Guild members can now engage in shared ‘Masteries’, wherein all guild members contribute to collective stat boosts and new skills. When a new player joins a guild, they will be rewarded with everything the guild has earned so far, so new players won’t be behind. Lastly, anyone in a guild who makes an In-App purchase will also have all guild members receive a gift because of it.

There are also three new daily bonuses and rewards:

● Daily Bonus Stages – Seven daily dungeons rotate on a weekly basis, giving players an easier way to obtain rare items like Cavalry Souls, Undead Souls, Gold, and Gear.● Daily Themed Pacts – Each day a new themed Pact will be available for players to purchase specific Commanders, including Race of the Day, Affinity of the Day and more.● Random Rewards – Upon completing a stage, treasure boxes with a variety of in-game rewards will now be randomly dropped.

There is almost a new event starting today because of the update called “From the Ashes”. This is a new PvP-based series where players can compete in Arena Mode for additional rewards which include new Legendary Commanders. If you’re in a guild, all the points your guild mates and you earn also go towards earning additional rewards for being one of the top guilds in this event in a secondary leaderboard.

This update is now available for download for free off of Google Play. If you want to try Blood Brothers 2, grabbing a copy of this game is also free.

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