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Live the dream, save a princess, and kill monsters in new Puzzle-RPG called Dungeon Crawler

There is a new Puzzle-RPG available on Google Play from developer Travasa which is called Dungeon Crawler. As one would guess from the name, Dungeon Crawler is a Puzzle-RPG that has players crawling through dungeons, battling monsters, and eventually saving a princess. Basically you’re living the dream of a hero, except if you die, then it’s not so much of a good life.

Dungeon Crawler features a more retro-style of visuals that almost look like something out of the early Final Fantasy games, at least in terms of how the monsters look. Along the way you will be able to get better armor and weaponry which should help you in defeating the monsters you run into and helping you to accomplish your goal of saving the princess.

Dungeon Crawler Features:

– Game is totally free
– 6 levels with over 30 types of enemies to fight
– Improve your gear and buy upgrades
– HD soundtrack
– Lovely retro graphic
– Fast paced action gameplay
– Perfect for toilet mediation

As the feature list states, this is a good time killer for when you have a few minutes to waste, especially when going to the bathroom, or as the developer calls it, Toilet Meditation. This game quickly increases in difficulty as you progress since to actually save the princess, all you have to do is pass all six levels and accomplish a score of 100,000.

Dungeon Crawler is available for free to download off of Google Play and has no IAPs either. So all you have to do is download and play.

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