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Outplay celebrates four year anniversary with four new games in development

Outplay is a game development studio that has seen some pretty big growth over the past year. Well the company is celebrating turning 4yrs old and to celebrate, Outplay is developing four new games that will be arriving in the near future. If Outplay doesn’t seem familiar to you, you more than likely know some of their games, with their biggest one being a partnership effort with Rovio with the Angel Birds Stella Pop! game that was recently released.

While Outplay hasn’t fully released details about what these four games are about, they have mentioned what genres they will be a part of. Two games will fall into the casual puzzle game genre while the remaining two fall into the RPG and Strategy genres. While the first two are casual titles, the last two are geared more towards the mid-core mobile gamers.

In four short years Outplay has become a leader in the highly competitive mobile games market through hard work and with extremely talented teams leading the way. We have already released two award-winning titles this year. With four new titles in the pipeline for 2015, we are poised for transformational success as we continue our commitment to listening to what players want, learning from everything we do, and adding just a bit of our own secret sauce. – Douglas Hare, CEO, Outplay Entertainment

While we don’t know a whole lot about these four new games just yet, we will be learning a lot more about them shortly as we get ready to interview the Co-Founders of Outplay to talk about their new games. If we find out more before out interview, we will post an update here.

Official Website: Outplay Entertainment

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