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[GoogleIO 2015] Nvidia announces AndroidWorks suite of tools to help developers make better Android games and apps

Nvidia has made a second announcement at Google I/O 2015 and while yesterday’s was the official launch of the company’s new Shield Android TV console, today’s announcement is for a new suite of tools called AndroidWorks. These tools have been designed to help developers make better Android games and is an expansion of Nvidia’s current suite of tools for PC game developers called GameWorks.

AndroidWorks is supposed to help developers reduce the complex process of configuring an Android development system down to a single click. It also integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio through Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio edition. This means developers who already use Microsoft Visual Studio don’t have to leave their development environment when designing games and applications for Android using these tools.

Debugging an Unreal Engine 4 project in Visual Studio 2013 on Google’s Nexus 10 tablet

According to Nvidia, the goal of AndroidWorks is to “unshackle developers from the constraints of the Android software development kit (SDK) — an d unleash the power found in Android devices”. So this isn’t going to be simply a Shield console specific toolset but an overall one for Android in general.

Of course there is a lot of additional details for developers to check out if you are interested in using AndroidWorks.

Official Website: Nvidia Development Blog – AndroidWorks | Nvidia GameWorks

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