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Square Enix launches new teaser site for an upcoming mobile game called Alice Order

Square Enix has been busy this week, having finally released Chaos Rings III on Google Play, and now the company has launched a new teaser site for a new mobile game called Alice Order. This new game has apparently been in development for a bit now as it is expected to launch at some point later this year.

So what is Alice Order? Well it is apparently a completely new title from Million Arthur producer Hiroaki Iwano, who is also acting as a producer for Alice Order. Along side Hiroaki will be ‘huke’, who will be doing the art, character design, and illustrations for Alice Order. ‘huke’ is known for his previous work on Steins;Gate as the main visuals illustrator for that title. Other known people working on this title include Kyoichi Nanatsuki, who previously works on the Project ARMS manga series, will be doing the writing for this game, and Yuuki Hayashi, who will be compsing the music.

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Alice Order is being described as a “psychic mystery RPG” which admittedly sounds interesting. The story takes place in the near future in Japan, where the country has suffered a lot of destruction after a great disaster occurred. This has also caused attacks from a parallel world to happen. As a result a special forces group called “Alice” consisting of young ladies with special powers, has been put together to fight off said attacks.

Unfortunately there isn’t much more details announced yet besides the storyline mentioned above. We do know that the game will be launching this year but, like a lot of announcements from Square Enix, we are not 100% sure as to whether Alice Order will launch in the West.

Official Website: Alice Order

Website Referenced: Siliconera

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