Day: 2 June 2015


Grow your kingdom and conquer others in Dynasty War, now available on Google Play

Released by NGames, Dynasty War is an RTS game that is now launched on Android. Set in the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, players will strive to build up their own kingdom, with over 120 different cities to conquer. As players grow in strength, they can tackle larger and more powerful generals and cities, and in turn expand their territory and tax base; the higher the defense level of a given city, the more loot will be inside, waiting to be taken.


World War II, 30 seconds at a time – Preview of Luftrausers on the Shield Android TV console

Tired of games wasting your time with prologues, tutorials, and wordy explanations of where your next five objectives are? Would you prefer to immediately blast off into the sky, shooting every aircraft and warship you see until you explode, take a second to catch your breath, then launch your ship all over again? That’s what you’ll find in the premier shoot ’em up for the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV (the system is available now starting at $199), the slice of pseudo World War II air combat known as Luftrausers.


A full-fledged Harvest Moon game will be arriving for Android soon

Fans of the Harvest Moon franchise have a lot to look forward to with the announcement today of a full Harvest Moon game heading to Android soon. The full name for this game is Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories and will be the first mainline full Harvest Moon game to land on mobile devices. The franchise itself has been around since the mid-1990s and has built up quite the fan base since the original game’s release.


Herocraft brings us a new multiplayer turn-based strategy game called Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay

Herocraft has been making some pretty interesting games lately, with the Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf game currently in beta which is actually quite good, and now a new turn-based strategy game called Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay which has just launched on Google Play. As you’re probably guessing from the game’s name, this particular strategy game is themed around pirates.


GameFly’s streaming service comes to Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box

Amazon has made a move to bring a bit more gaming power to their Amazon Fire TV set-top box. In an announcement today, Amazon has brought GameFly’s streaming service to their set-top box in an attempt to offer owners, and future owners, more gaming possibilities with Amazon Fire TV. The service itself hasn’t fully launched onto all platforms and all regions yet, which is interesting since it is now available for Amazon’s Fire TV.


Zenonia S: Rifts in Time soft launches onto Google Play in select regions

After a few closed beta rounds of testing, and tweaks to the game between those rounds, Gamevil has finally soft launched Zenonia S onto Google Play today. This also marks the first time the game has been called by its official name in full, which is Zenonia S: Rifts in Time. If you have been following our coverage of this game, you’ll also know that this was originally launched as Zenonia Online for KakaoTalk in Korea, but has been changed to Zenonia S for its global title.