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Miniclip Games Releases Dude Perfect 2 onto Android devices today

Miniclip Games has published many games for Android devices. Their slew of releases continues with Dude Perfect 2. If you aren’t familiar with Dude Perfect, just stroll on over to YouTube and check out some of their amazing sports/physics related stunts. In the meantime, check out Dude Perfect 2, for another fun and challenging physics based game.

Dude Perfect has 4 million subscribers on YouTube, and have had over 400 million views of their videos. What exactly is the fanfare all about? “Dude Perfect provides genuinely enjoyable entertainment that puts smiles on people’s faces.” – Dude Perfect Website.  All of this from making outrageously amazing basketball shots on YouTube, has translated into their second game, and it looks like it will have plenty of physics-based challenges for you to complete.

Dude Perfect 2 Features:

– 600 million YouTube views later, Dude Perfect is back with their most epic game yet! Go BIGGER than ever hitting mind-blowing trick shots through tons of crazy levels!
– All new challenges: Jump on trampolines, float on parachutes, break glass, and even blow stuff up!
– Amazing graphics: Stunning artwork, animation, and sounds bring your trick shots to life!
– 5 Best friends and a panda: Experience life as a Dude! Play as Tyler, Cody, Garrett, Cory, Coby, and the greatest mascot of all time, Panda!
– Leaderboards: Prove your trick shot skills against your friends and family all over the world!
– DP Theater: Watch the newest Dude Perfect videos right inside the game!
– Unlock special content: Customize your gameplay with sick power-ups, new characters, and crazy costumes! Finish levels with all 3 stars to unlock even more awesomeness
– 90 sweet levels from three different worlds (more coming soon).
– Google Game Play services with achievements

If you enjoy playing physics-based games, then you will more than likely have a blast playing Dude Perfect 2. The game is free to download, but does include in-app purchases, should you choose to take advantage of them. Based on perusing the in-game store, the in-app purchases are for costumes, different types of basketballs, and purchasing coins or bucks, which is the in-game currency. It doesn’t appear that you need to purchase any of these things to enjoy the game. In addition, you are able to watch Dude Perfect videos that show their unique tricks, and you gain 10 coins per video for doing so. I don’t think you will run into the dreaded pay-wall while playing this game.

It is integrated with Google Game Play Services for each level, and there are 27 achievements to unlock. If you watch Dude Perfect on YouTube, then you can expect this game to have some of the same wild physics-based basketball puzzle shots.


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