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Blizzard begins teasing new heroes which are coming soon to Hearthstone

Blizzard has begun teasing a new update that will be heading to Hearthstone soon and it is something a lot bigger than something as simple as new cards. Today the company posted an announcement on their Hearthstone blog, teasing new heroes that will be making their way to Hearthstone in the near future.

Up until now Hearthstone has only had a couple of single-player adventure updates and one overall card content update, that being Goblins vs Gnomes. Recently we reported on a possible new update heading to the game, after rumored began swirling around the internet when Blizzard changed their Facebook cover photo, making people believe that a Pirates vs Ninja type of update was being teased. That still could be the case but today’s announcement is a bit more official since it comes from Blizzard.

Hero Animated Portrait Preview

The funny part about all of this is that the new heroes will just be exactly that, new heroes but for currently available classes. So the game itself won’t actually change as there are no new classes, just new faces that will be available for current classes. There will be new animations for hero abilities and other little goodies of that nature though. Judging from the preview, the new eye candy actually looks quite good.

So far Blizzard has only introduced one of the new faces that will be coming to Hearthstone, the King of Ironforge, Magni Bronzebeard. He will be a new face for the Warrior class and the new animation is a big hammer smashing the Armor Hero ability, which applied +2 armor to your hero each time it is used. Besides the new faces and animations, there will also be new battlecries, new play areas, and new card backs that come with these heroes.

Hero Ability Animation Preview

All of these new heroes will be completely optional though. If you see one you like, you’ll have to dish out $9.99 to snag it, and when doing so will net you all of the above goodies for that particular hero. As for when these will be available, right now Blizzard just has them as ‘coming soon’, but they will be coming to Hearthstone on all platforms.

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