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[Update: Warship Released] JoyCity opens up pre-registration for two of their games – Warship Battles and Elemental Wings

JoyCity today has announced that pre-registration for two of their upcoming games are now live. Depending on the type of game you prefer, there is the company’s hybrid title Elemental Wings that now has pre-registration open for it, as well as the company’s upcoming sequel to their aerial combat game Gunship Battles which is called Warship Battles.

Update: June 22nd, 2015 11:03am PST: JoyCity has already released Elemental Wings onto Google Play a couple of week ago, and now the company has finally brought Warship Battles to Android as well. So, if you pre-registered for Warship Battles, you’ll be able to claim your rewards now also. You can grab the game through the new link at the bottom of this article.

Elemental Wings is an interesting sounding game. It is a hybrid title that mashes up around four different genres into it – vertically scrolling, flying shooter, collectable card game, and RPG. All of these genres are blended together to create a pretty unique style of gameplay. Players will be taking on the role of an ‘Elemental Wing’ who has the glorious duty of fighting corrupted Elementals that threaten the world. This world is where Elementals and humans once peacefully coexisted but has fallen into chaos after Elementals started to become corrupted for some reason.

Controls for Elemental Wings are pretty simple. Players will be swiping left and right to avoid enemies while collecting orbs at the same time. Collect enough orbs and you can activate the skills of different Elementals you have equipped. To help with all of this, Players will also be able to summon and evolve additional Elementals to fight alongside you. The collectible card game part comes in the form of collecting different Elementals throughout the game.

Warship Battles, on the other hand, is completely different to Elemental Wings. Warship Battles is the sequel to JoyCity’s rather popular WWII aerial combat game called Gunship Battles. While this is a sequel, players won’t be taking to the skies in Warship Battles, but will instead be commanding big warships in which you will be going up against other massive warships in WWII.

Warship Battles Features:

– High quality 3D graphics despite compact app size
– Fast paced naval battles with authentic warships from the World War II era.
– Customize your warships with different weapons and parts to win the battle
– Episodes and Hidden missions based on real WWII naval battles.
– Network connection is not required after downloading the game

Regardless of which game you pre-register for, your rewards for pre-registering will be pretty much the same, just altered to fit that particular title. If you pre-register for Warship Battles, you will receive 20 Gold in-game which is enough Gold to purchase the USS Arizona. For Elemental Wings, players will also receive in-game currency as well which totals 60 gems and 20,000 Gold. Both games can be signed up for through the links below. Both games will be free to download with optional IAPs when they launch.

Official Websites: Elemental Wing Pre-Registration | Warship Battles Pre-Registrations

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