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Twitch will be broadcasting E3 2015 coverage, users have full co-streaming rights this year. So guess what we are doing?

While this won’t be the first year Twitch will be covering the big video game conference E3, this will be the first year that users have rights to re-broadcast/co-stream the streams while they are live as well as adding commentary to them. While at first this may not seem like a big thing, but this means that streamers will be able to sit with their audience and watch E3 2015 together while talking to their fans about whatever is currently going on.

This was never allowed before this year, unless you had special permission from Twitch as well as E3. In other words you would have to be big media in order to get those rights. This year, that is not a problem. While we will be at E3 2015 this year, this also mean we will be re-broadcasting/co-streaming the entire E3 show on our channel, including all the press conferences as well as all the coverage that we can stuff into the stream.

While there will be time where we will be walking around the show floor and hitting up all the meetings we have planned, this does mean that in the early morning and late evening we will be jumping onto the stream to talk about everything that is going on at the show. With that said, here is the current schedule for press conference coverage and links to the channels they will be on:

June 14:
3:00pm Nintendo World Championships
7:00pm Bethesda

June 15:
9:30am Xbox
1:00pm EA
3:00pm Ubisoft
6:00pm PlayStation

June 16:
9:00am Nintendo
10:00am Square Enix
5:00pm PC Gaming Show (exclusively on Twitch)

We will make another post closer to E3 2015 with the video for our channel embedded into it for easier access. Be sure to follow our channel on Twitch as well to know when we go live any time, not just for E3.

Official Website: Twitch Blog

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