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Today on Twitch: Unboxing the Nvidia Shield Android TV console, hooking it up, and playing games

Our Nvidia Shield Android TV console has finally arrived today. We thought it was going to arrive yesterday, but apparently today is the day instead. Either way, we are going to stream the unboxing of our Nvidia Shield Android TV console, open everything up, and hook it up before jumping into some games while playing on the Shield console.

Update: June 9th, 2015: Thanks to everyone who showed up for the unboxing as well as playing some GRID games, watching me suck at Strider before doing decently at Darksiders. If you missed this stream, you can always watch it as a VOD, accessible in the Past Boardcasts section of our Twitch channel.

Along with the Shield console, we also got the Shield Remote and Shield Stand for the console.Of course if you have any question regarding any of this stuff, we will try to answer them. So grab some lunch, or a snack depending on where you live and what time it is, sit back and enjoy. Stream will be starting at around 1:30pm PST today.

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