Day: June 9, 2015

Game News

Machinima finally releases their own app, connecting fans and content creators

Machinima has finally released their application onto Google Play today, after being in the works for quite some time now. Machinima started off as a YouTube channel that would post videos that were made using the assets within a game to make original content, whether that be a movie, a short story, a humorous clip, and even music videos. The main thing was that is used assets from games to create this content. Over the years Machinima has expanded to cover all kinds of content creation including live action movies and so on. It is still based around video games most of the time.

Game News

Blizzard begins teasing a fourth game mode for Hearthstone, but what is it?

Blizzard have been busy little bees lately it seems when it comes to teasing new features and making people think changes are approaching. First there was the whole rumor about another expansion on the way after Blizzard changed their cover image on Facebook. That got everybody thinking that a new Pirate and Ninja themed expansion was on the way. This particular rumor has yet to be confirmed or disproved, although from some comments left in our original article on this rumor, itis more than likely not true. Still… you never know right?

Game News

[Update: Released] New video released shows off gameplay in upcoming Augmented Reality game Clandestine: Anomaly

A little under a week ago we reported on a pretty cool looking Augmented Reality game called Clandestine: Anomaly. While we had a trailer to show, that video really didn’t have any gameplay to take a look at. Well the developers have released a new video which is pretty much only gameplay, so now everyone can see what that actually looks like.

Game News

Nexon M releases the Oil Boom update for their strategy combat game DomiNations

A team effort by Nexon M and Big Huge Games, the mobile strategy combat game DomiNations has done pretty well for itself since the game’s release back in April 2015, already passing the 1 million downloads mark in a pretty short period of time. Today Nexon M has released a new trailer in order to show off the game’s newest update which also has just arrived called the Oil Boom update.