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How to master, or at least survive longer in, Doom 3: BFG Edition on the SHIELD console

Recently released the other day was the mighty Doom 3: BFG Edition, which gives you the chance to enjoy id’s classic first-person shooter at 60fps in full 1080P through the Shield console. It’s big, dark and brutal, so we’ve compiled 10 useful tips to give you that extra edge when you touch down on Mars.

Use cover

It should go without saying, but in the heat of the moment it’s easy to forget that a great way to avoid taking damage is to find a bit of cover and use it, particularly when you’re up against some of those military zombies who tend to use cover themselves. Find something to hide behind, take a few shots as soon as they break cover, then duck while they return fire; it may not feel as exhilarating as running in, guns blazing, but you’ll sure as hell last a lot longer.

Don’t be a sucker

One thing you need to keep in mind about Doom 3 is that it loves to surprise you, sometimes fatally. So if you enter a room and find a big new gun sitting right in the middle of the floor, lit by an inviting spotlight, you can be absolutely certain that the moment you pick it up, all hell will break loose around you. Learn to spot the obvious booby traps, and if you come across them, make sure you’re ready for action and stocked up on armor and health before grabbing them.

Reload often

There’s nothing worse than turning a corner and being confronted by a malevolent imp, then getting slashed to bits because rather than letting off a faceful of buckshot, you stand there like an idiot thumbing cartridges into your empty shotgun. None of Doom 3’s weapons reload especially quickly, so get into the habit of reloading after every firefight, even if you only fired a few shots; it’ll save your life sooner or later.

Don’t waste ammo

While ammunition isn’t exactly scarce in Doom 3, if you get a bit too trigger-happy then you might find yourself in the position of your favorite gun being completely empty at just the wrong time. Don’t go spraying bullets all over the shop; short, controlled bursts are where it’s at.

Barrels of fun

Where would video games be without exploding barrels? Doom 3 has plenty of them, and while it’s easy to overlook them, they’re a great way to kill a number of enemies at once without using a load of ammo. Lure a few hellspawn in the direction of a barrel and then blast them all to bits with a single shot. Conversely, don’t hang around next to a barrel, just in case they decide to turn the tables on you.

Listen to the logs

Audio logs may well be the bane of modern gaming and it’s tempting to just ignore them as you collect all those PDAs along the way. However some of them contain codes for storage lockers, which mean extra ammo for you, so don’t just rely on reading emails to discover locker codes.

Love your boomstick

As it was in the original Doom, your shotgun is your best friend in Doom 3 – just so long as you use it properly. Don’t waste it on distant enemies; the shot disperses at range and won’t cause much damage at all. Instead, hold your nerve, unleash it at the closest range you can get away with, and see how quickly those monsters drop.

Aim for the head

While you’re getting up close with the bad guys, never forget that headshots make a difference in Doom 3. For some enemies that can mean a one-shot kill even with a less powerful weapon; another bonus is that you get to see their brains fly out as they fall, and let’s not forget that flying viscera is all part of the Doom experience.

Easy on the medkits

It’s all very tempting to max your health out at every opportunity, and there are plenty of medkits and health recharge stations littered around Doom 3, but try to go easy on them. If your health is above 90, then you’re going to be wasting at least some health if you add more. Leave it there and press ahead; you can always double back when you really need it.


Doom 3’s an almost perversely dark game; the BFG Edition at least improves things by giving you an armor-mounted flashlight, whereas the original gave you a handheld one that left you unarmed when you were using it. But you can help yourself by simply listening for audio cues; the sound of footsteps can help you pinpoint exactly where an enemy is, even in pitch darkness, and give you just enough of an edge to get that vital first shot off.

DOOM 3: BFG Edition is available for $9.99 (for both the Shield console and Shield tablet) and comes with two additional games besides DOOM 3: BFG. You will also receive DOOM and DOOM II as well, rounding out the entire collection in one shot. The Nvidia Shield console is available in a 16GB model for $199 and a 500GB model for $299 on Amazon and through Nvidia’s website.

Amazon: Shield 16GB model and the 500GB Pro model

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