Day: 16 June 2015


Razer officially adds Android support to their open Virtual Reality platform OSVR

So far we have had some decent support regarding Virtual Reality and Android devices announced. Initially Oculus Rift announced Android support before Facebook bought them out, that hasn’t changed as far as we know. HTC and Valve are working on the HTC Re Vive VR headset which no doubt will get Android support if it doesn’t have it already. Now Razer has announced that their open Virtual Reality platform, called OSVR, will come with compatibility for Android devices.


SteelSeries is bringing their Stratus XL controller to Android devices

When Apple finally opened up iOS enough for peripheral manufacturers to make controllers and other devices for the iPhone and iPad, SteelSeries was one of the first companies to announces and release a new controller for iOS gamers to finally get to use. Called the Stratus XL, this controller went on to get a lot of great reviews, being one of the best controllers for iOS. Not like they have a lot of them mind you. Android, on the other hand, has plenty of controllers designed specifically for Android devices including ones from SteelSeries, which we actually have used on a fairly regular basis and reported on back during CES 2013.