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Just Dance 2016 will let players use their phones as their controller

Ubisoft’s Just Dance series has a new title coming out soon which is appropriately named Just Dance 2016. They showed off a bit of this game during their press conference at E3 yesterday, complete with a popular Top 40 singer on stage, and it was pretty much as you would expect a Just Dance game to be.

Just Dance 2016 will also be using your mobile device, just like Just Dance 2015 did but in a slightly different way. In Just Dance 2015, players could use their Android device more like a second screen experience. This time it isn’t too different, but in Just Dance 2016 players will be able to use their Android phones as a full controller.

While Ubisoft didn’t go into massive details on exactly what the controller will do when it is your Android phone, only that it will be available to do in the game. It’ll most likely register the moves you do though after you sync it up to the game, or something along those lines. Either way you’ll be able to find out in October 2015 which is when this game will be released onto consoles.


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