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Mortal Kombat X gets updated and introduces the Thunder God Raiden Challenge

Mortal Kombat X has finally been out for a bit now, but since the game’s release one feature hasn’t been available for anyone to play. That feature is the Thunder God Raiden Challenge, which up until this update was a lonely, darkened, unusable button on your screen. Now it is more than a nice looking image on your screen.

This update for Mortal Kombat X has enabled the Thunder God Raiden Challenge. This is a new game mode players can fight their way through and, should you succeed, you will be able to earn Thunder God Raiden, which a gold card and a rather good one at that. You aren’t guaranteed to win one though, but you will win other prizes along the way.

Bug fixes also arrived with this update as well, which is pretty much the usual thing for updates to have. If you have Mortal Kombat X installed, this update is available for download.

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