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DotEmu will be bringing the classic hack n’ slash game Titan Quest to Android soon

DotEmu has unveiled two rather awesome titles that they will be bringing to Android soon while at E3 2015. The first of these games is Titan Quest, which is a classic hack n’ slash RPG originally released onto PC back in 2006. This new mobile port will feature all of the content from the original title, as well as the visuals remaining the same as the PC release.

In Titan Quest, players will be creating their own hero who you will then take out into the world to battle it out with demons and other nasty mythological creatures. All of the monsters and a lot of the storyline you will be following were inspired by stories of real ancient civilizations. One thing that was rather cool about this game is the amount of skills and magic abilities that you can unlock, there’s a lot of them. Combine that with the hundreds of piece of gear and character customization is pretty deep in this game.

This time around DotEmu will just be porting the game over to Android, leaving all of the content and visuals the same as the original release. However, the controls have been designed specifically for mobile devices in order to ensure good gameplay. There is a bit of a wait to get this game though. DotEmu hasn’t mentioned a specific release date, only that it will be coming this year. Don’t run off too far, more DotEmu news coming right up!

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