Day: 19 June 2015


Tearaway Unfolded for the PS4 to have mobile companion app

Tearaway is a platformer, set in a word where everything inside (villains, landscape, protagonist, etc) are all made of colored paper. It was originally released for the PS Vita, with another version coming to the PS4 this Fall with a similar name, Tearaway Unfolded. Along with the console release will come a companion app that allows a second player to partake of the experience as well.


Android Game Sale Rounds-Up: Kemco’s Summer sale, BattleLord Command, Talisman, and more

It’s Friday, E3 2015 is over, and it is time for the weekend. This also means it is time for another round-up of all the Android games on sale right now for this weekend. This round-up isn’t the biggest one we have had, but most of the games on here are pretty solid titles to check out. Some games in this list include Talisman, Talisman Prologue, Hardboilder, BattleLore Command, and so on.


Drop That Beat gives you a chance to win tickets to events while playing it

Drop That Beat is a sort of rhythm-based game where players will be keeping their finger on your phone or tablet while listening to EDM music and when you think the DJ will ‘drop the beat’ in the particular song you happen to be listening to, that is when you remove your finger from your mobile device, as close to it as possible. There’s a couple of unique features with this game, one being that you can actually win tickets to live events.


Warhammer: Storm of Magic is an upcoming TCG for Android that actually looks quite good

Mobile gamers do not have a shortage of collectible card combat games, otherwise known as CCGs or TCGs depending on how you like to word them, and most of these games are pretty decent. Some are quite good, but the majority end up in the decent sort of rating. Unfortunately that means the genre is starting to become a little tired because of the sheer amount of these types of games being released. Even so, once in awhile there’s one that comes along that looks pretty good and Warhammer: Storm of Magic looks like one of those.


This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is… Ragnaros vs Nefarian

Earlier this week Blizzard finally pushed out their big update for Hearthstone and part of that update was the new Tavern Brawl game mode. For those of you who missed our coverage about this, Tavern Brawl will be a weekly ‘event’ of sorts, whereas each week there is a start and an end date and time. Each week features a different ruleset that players have to abide by and this ruleset can be pretty much anything and everything that Blizzard can think up.