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Warhammer: Storm of Magic is an upcoming TCG for Android that actually looks quite good

Mobile gamers do not have a shortage of collectible card combat games, otherwise known as CCGs or TCGs depending on how you like to word them, and most of these games are pretty decent. Some are quite good, but the majority end up in the decent sort of rating. Unfortunately that means the genre is starting to become a little tired because of the sheer amount of these types of games being released. Even so, once in awhile there’s one that comes along that looks pretty good and Warhammer: Storm of Magic looks like one of those.

This game is a team effort between GamesWorkshop and Supersense, with the latter doing the development of the game. Unlike a lot of games of this nature, this particular one feature full 3D visuals making the entire game a lot more interactive. Players control their heroes and units, taking on their opponent in tactical-style gameplay, all of which is themed around the Warhammer universe. Players will either be able to fight against AI opponents, or head on into the online multiplayer to take on other players in combat.

Just to clarify, this is the fantasy themed Warhammer, not the futuristic Warhammer: 40K one.Unfortunately there isn’t a ton of details about this game right now as it is still in early development, although it looks quite good already from what we can see in the first “work-in-progress” trailer released by Supersense. The other thing is, since this is still in development, there is no release time frame for Warhammer: Storm of Magic, only that it will be coming soon.

Whilst we are early in development with a great deal of work to do we have made good progress so we couldn’t wait to share what we have so far. For a new company working with the Warhammer brand gives us a certain pressure to up our game so we have to value people’s thoughts. – Supersense CEO Troy Horton

When more details are released, we will be sure to post an update. In the meantime, you can check out some early gameplay of Warhammer: Storm of Magic in the video above.

Developer Website: Supersense

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