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Kingdom Rush Origins update will be arriving later this week

Ironhide Game Studio announced over Twitter today that the next update for Kingdom Rush Origins will be launching later this week. If you play this particular installment into the Kingdom Rush franchise, then you have new content and features to look forward to playing later this week.

While the exact details for this update are not 100% known, we do know that a new mini-campaign will be a part of this update. The new mini-campaign will be Bittering Rancor, where players will be trying to stop the Twilight Elves and their new leader before they destroy everything that gets in their way, or just happens to be in the general area for that matter.

Lilith Concept Art

This update also could be the update where we finally see the new community created hero making its appearance in game. Over the past several months, Ironhide Game Studio has been involving their fans and community in building a new playable heroes for Kingdom Rush Origins. The hero is a Fallen female Angel named Lilith who is seeking to redeem herself but in order to accomplish this, she must vanquish all the evil in the land. If you want to learn about her skills and hero spell, you can check all of that out over on the announcement post for Lilith.

Lilith should be arriving in this update (for free no less) as June was always the target date for her to show up in Kingdom Rush Origins. Speaking of which, this update will be landing on Google Play and Amazon Appstore version on June 24rd, 2015, which is two days from now. We’ll post an update when it officially arrives.

Website Referenced: Ironhide Twitter | Ironhide Blog

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