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Pixelbite hints at a Space Marshals sequel and announces Space Marshals Chapter 3 is on the way

While fans of Pixelbite seem to either love their newest game Xenowerk, or thing the company could have done better with it, one thing is for certain, Pixelbite fans love their Space Marshals game. So fans should be happy as Pixelbte has not only started showing off the next and final chapter for Space Marshals, they have hinted that a sequel may happen, since they said they want to make one.

While Chapter 3 of Space Marshals doesn’t have any official name yet, there are some really great looking features and content that will be making their way into the final chapter for this game. Pixelbite has listened to a lot of the feedback from users over the first two chapters, and with Chapter 3 the company is looking to expand on the Stealth gameplay aspects that everyone seems to be enjoying in the series so far.

Stealth gameplay has proven to be very popular in the feedback we’ve been getting and we think it is a large part of a tactical combat game – carefully choosing your approach to each situation should be crucial and smart choices should be rewarded. We’ve tried to make this even more interesting by adding a few new features.

However it isn’t all improvement to existing gameplay, there is some new goodies as well. Alarms, for example, are being added to Space Marshals in Chapter 3. Alarms will be a double-edged sword of sorts. While triggering an alarm will generally be a bad thing, they can also be used as a distraction at times, or to lure someone out into the open. When an alarm goes off, enemies begin searching the immediate area for whatever set that particular alarm off.

Also making her first appearance is Hurricane Harriet, who has healing powers while using her mini-gun to blast away enemies. Of course with any new chapter, players will also have new weaponry and environments to check out and explore in Chapter 3.

Right now there is no specific release date for Chapter 3, as it is currently still in development, but it shouldn’t be too long of a wait. When we find out a more specific release date, we will post an update here. In the meantime, we will be keeping our eye out for more details regarding the Space Marshals sequel. You can check out more screenshots of Chapter 3 below.

Thanks to miroha for the tip!

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