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Soul Hunter is a new collectible hero RPG that is now available on Android

Soul Hunters is a new collectible RPG by Lilith Games that has just been released onto Google Play today. What we mean by collectible RPG is that this game allows you to collect a variety of different heroes, all of which can be switched in and out of your current group, before heading off to complete your current quests.

In other words it is similar to a TCG style of game, but without the cards. As the story goes in this game, a curse has befallen your land and so in order to save your land, you and your band of heroes will need to set off on a journey to find what the cause of this curse is, and then put a stop to it. Combat in this game takes place in a more side-scrolling style of gameplay, so each zone you move into will have new monsters to fight. Your heroes will automatically attack them, but you’ll be in charge of using their special abilities.

Soul Hunters Features:

– Real-time combat with captivating visual effects and extremely deep strategic gameplay
– Collect 80+ Heroes of varying types, including brute force fighters, skilled ranged combatants and masters of magic
– Compete in unique PVP modes to earn prestige and powerful rewards
– Explore mysterious and magical lands to find and collect new Heroes in a captivating campaign
– Create the perfectly balanced party to overcome the most powerful foes and legions
– Unlock, upgrade, and master your Hero’s abilities. Designed to protect your allies, interrupt your opponents, or deal massive damage.
– Activate your Heroes’ ultimate abilities at the right moment to deal crushing blows to your rivals
– Innovative Hero animations provide an immensely addictive Hero collection experience

 All of your heroes can evolve into stronger versions along the way. Each hero also fits into a specific type of class, such as ranged, magic, warrior, and so on, which lets you build your team a bit more specifically so you can better handle the current stage you’re on. Of course if you don’t want to keep following the storyline, you can jump into PvP to beat the crap out of your friends.

Soul Hunters is available for download off of Google Play for free and does contain optional IAPs as well. You can also check out the game in action via the trailer below as well as additional screenshots.


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