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Zen Studios releases a new MARS table for Zen Pinball

Zen Studios has released a new pinball table for there Zen Pinball platform on Android rather quietly. This new pinball table is the company’s MARS table, released awhile ago for their console version of Zen Pinball. So what exactly is MARS pinball all about?

MARS Pinball takes place in the year 2100, after humans have managed to set foot on the red planet for the very first time. You will be taking on the role of mission commander, guiding your group across the planets surface in order to unlock the secrets that may be present. So this is one of the company’s original themed tables, not anything to do with Marvel or other franchises.

This new pinball table also comes with all the features that are standard to Zen Pinball tables including plenty of high quality animation, lots of ramps and bonuses, and hotseat multiplayer for those of you who want to compete with other players. Of course you have to get to MARS first and you’ll need to get a few items ahead of time such as The Space Flight Shuttle, The Space Station and The Spider.

MARS Pinball is now available through a single IAP within Zen Pinball. You can also check out the table in action with the video below.

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