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Here is this week’s free hero rotation on Vainglory featuring Petal, Koshka, Glaive and more

Earlier today we announced that Vainglory had been updated a few days early with the extra special version 1.6 update. This is the update that finally brings official Android support to the game. So now all of you who have been waiting for this game to leave its beta for Android can now play. We’ve been playing for awhile in the beta and it is quite the fun game, although you can expect our full review now that it is officially out to come shortly.

Each week Vainglory will have a variety of heroes available for free to play with. Of course if you end up having a favorite one or two heroes that you happen to enjoy playing more than others, you can permanently unlock them so you can play them whenever you want. This week’s list has three Lane/Snipers available for free, two Junglers (one assassin and one warrior), and one Roam/Protector. Definitely a more DPS focused week it seems.

For the Jungle Assassin we have Koshka and for the Jungle Warrior we have Glaive this week. The three Lane Snipers are Petal, Saw, and Ringo. Lastly, the Protector is Ardan. All six will be playable this week for free, until the next rotation arrives next week. You can read all about each hero including their background story, abilities, and so on over on the Vainglory website here. If you haven’t picked up Vainglory, you can now do so off of Google Play for free.

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