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Seasun releases a new video for their upcoming MOBA called Relic of Gods

Apparently today is the day of videos and trailer releases as we’ve already posted about two of them and now here comes a third video. This time it is an E3 2015 recap video from Seasun regarding their upcoming mobile MOBA game called Relic of Gods. This video showcases some of the comments people has about the game, but more importantly shows some of the gameplay that will be arriving with the game’s launch.

If you missed our previous coverage during E3 2015 regarding Relic of Gods, this is a mobile MOBA game that is slightly different than your typical MOBA game for mobile devices. For starters, this is a turn-based MBA instead of a game where you’re running around which can make for some pretty interesting gameplay. Matches take place in a 3 vs 3 fashion, so players will be a part of a team of three, going up against other teams of three characters.

We actually did an interview with the Senior Product Manager for Relic of Gods at Seasun so we won’t dive into too much more detail about the game here, since we will be going into a lot deeper details about the game when we post our interview. However there will eventually be upwards of 50 heroes to choose from, although that number will be 33 at release. The rest of the heroes will be released via updates in the near future.

You can check out some of the gameplay that will be coming in Relic of Gods when it launches in the video above. You can expect our interview with Seasun to be arriving later this week. Relic of Gods will be arriving onto mobile device by the end of this year.

Official Website: Relic of Gods

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