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Minimalistic-style arcade game Nocturne Heights is now available on Google Play

A new minimalistic arcade game is available on Google Play called Nocturne Heights from developer MotorCookie. The visual style of this game is interesting because it gives the impression that you are in an overhead perspective. The way the dynamic lighting happens certainly makes it feel that way.

The goal in this game is pretty simple, survive as long as possible by getting as high as you can, as well as the highest score you can possibly earn. Actually accomplishing this at first is easy (sort of) but it quickly becomes challenging as more and more obstacles begin appearing. All you have to do is steering your ball around the obstacles while continuously hitting the jump button to go higher and higher. Red Obstacles are bad and end the game. Yellow are neutral, and blue are friendly obstacles. Also, not all the obstacles are stationary.

Nocturne Heights Features:

– Simple, minimalistic style
– Endless gameplay
– Original piano composition
– Challenging and addicting
– Dynamic lighting and physics

Each time you play a round the layout is completely different, so you can’t memorize where to go either. If you dig the piano soundtrack, you can actually grab the sheet music to it and play it yourself. Granted you need to know how to play the piano to do that.

Nocturne Heights is available on Google Play for free. While the game says there are optional IAPs, they are not accessible right now for some reason. So the game is completely free right now.

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