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War Drum Studios released Turtle Tumble where you use turtles instead of balls in mini-golf

War Drum Studios is known as the company behind the mobile ports of Grand Theft Auto 3, Max Payne, GTA: Vice City, The Conduit, Great Battles Medieval, Auralux, and GTA: San Andreas. However the folks at War Drum have been working on their own game for awhile and it is now finally available for everyone to check out.

Welcome to Turtle Tumble, a mini-golf game where instead of using balls, players will be using turtles (you start off with a turtle named Ollie) to play each course. That isn’t the only twist to the usual mini-golf game that Turtle Tumble comes with. Players will also be able to steer their turtle, albeit only a little bit, in order to try and avoid obstacles in each hole. Many of those obstacles happen to be other animals that have made their way onto the mini-golf courses you will be playing on.

Turtle Tumble Features:

– play as ollie’s entire family as you rescue them! each turtle tumbles a little differently
– tons of holes to perfect, with a new free hole every day to three star with “today’s tumble”
– earn entire outfits by playing and discovering ollie’s world. each piece of an outfit can be mixed and matched with other outfits for your own look.
– special modes in every course. polar peak will freeze over, breezy beach transforms during low tide, and cutlass cove may send you on a treasure hunt!
– bounce off of mushrooms, get shocked by jellyfish, bust through watermelons, ice, or sandcastles, and even shoot out of a cannon
– small download size!

Players will actually be trying to rescue other members of Ollie’s family along the way. Once you have rescued another turtle, who has been held captive by the other animals on a particular course, you will be able to use them in future rounds of mini-golf. Each turtle actually has their own unique style of tumbling, so you will have to take that into consideration since it will alter how you shoot your turtle.

Turtle Tumble is available off of Google Play for free and comes with optional IAPs for unlocking additional mini-golf courses. However players can unlock those courses over time as well.

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