Day: 10 July 2015


Monster Hunter style game The World II begins limited region testing complete with multiplayer finally

We have only had a few games arrive on Android that would be considered a Monster Hunter style of game, and even those games don’t really reach the level that Monster Hunter is at as a franchise. However, there are a couple of them that do come close but unfortunately lack certain elements such as multiplayer. One of those games is called The World II: Hunting Boss which is pretty much Monster Hunter on mobile but only as a single-player game. Multiplayer has been promised for a long time for that game, and now it appears that the planned multiplayer expansion will, in fact, be a separate release.


Alco Invaders is an upcoming game that combines arcade shooter with tower defense

In the world of hybrid games we have seen some pretty interesting genre and gameplay combinations eventually getting released onto Android. Alco Invaders is an upcoming title from India Game Studio, ironically located in the Ukraine. The developers have taken a side-scrolling space shooter and combined it with tower defense mechanics to create what they are calling an Action-Defense genre.


Asobimo finally releases Toram Online onto Google Play after a very long beta

It may not be that long of a beta, but it sure feels like Toram Online has been in a beta status for awhile. However, it looks like it is about to drop those beta tags as Asobimo went ahead and released it onto Google Play today in a non-beta format. This means that the majority of the game has been translated into English and almost everyone should be able to download and play it now.


Defend the Mushroom kingdom in Mushroom Wars: Space! now available on Android

Released by Zillion Whales, Mushroom Wars: Space! is the second game in the Mushroom Wars franchise. In Mushroom Wars: Space!, players will control an army of mushrooms, fending off invading aliens, and resumes where the prequel left off with its narrative. Having left the Mushroom kingdom, players will use their mushroom army to first unite the neighboring tribes, annex planets, and discover the secrets of the flying saucer.

News is now available on mobile devices so it can suck away more of your free time

Miniclip has decided to use the popularity of a particular browser-based game to their advantage and have released a version of onto mobile devices. is an incredibly simplistic game, and yet somehow extremely addicting at the same time. You could play this game in your browser of choice and not realize three hours have gone by. I know this from experience unfortunately.


Android Game Sale Round-Up: Lifeline, Dream Chamber, Kemco Summer Sale and more

It’s Friday and therefor it is time for another round-up of Android games currently on sale right now over on Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore. There was a lot of games on sale last week, which was mainly due to the fact it was a holiday weekend, but this week isn’t the biggest list of Android games on sale. Still, there’s some titles discounted that you might want to pick up.