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Monster Hunter style game The World II begins limited region testing complete with multiplayer finally

We have only had a few games arrive on Android that would be considered a Monster Hunter style of game, and even those games don’t really reach the level that Monster Hunter is at as a franchise. However, there are a couple of them that do come close but unfortunately lack certain elements such as multiplayer. One of those games is called The World II: Hunting Boss which is pretty much Monster Hunter on mobile but only as a single-player game. Multiplayer has been promised for a long time for that game, and now it appears that the planned multiplayer expansion will, in fact, be a separate release.

At least that is what we have gathered from the information we received from the developers. The new game will simple be called The World II and has been in development for quite some time. It was even supposed to have a beta testing phase a couple of months ago that ended up getting delayed. Now it seems things are finally progressing as The World II has been released in a few select regions to test out the game, especially the multiplayer part of it.

The single-player version of this game has a lot of potential to be a Monster Hunter replacement on Android, or at least till Monster Hunter arrives. The game supports Android TV and controllers, which means this new game should also support both of those as well. The World II will be based off of the PC version titled World Online, but will be expanding on that games and will be more of a sequel.

So what can we expect from The World II? Well besides the obvious multiplayer functionality (it will be cross-platform too), there will be an open trade system available so players can trade with each other. That could be either parts needed to craft gear, gear itself, or whatever else that will be in this game. Needless to say, the trade feature needs to be done well as it will be a pretty important part of this game.The developers haven’t expanded too far past that regarding the game’s economy, but a lot of it will be player run.

Battles will all be real-time ones, and will consist of you and your party members trying to kill big ass bosses. Players will be able to pick heroes from the 5 great tribes in this game, although the total number of heroes available at launch isn’t confirmed. There’s supposed to be ‘dozens’ though. Heroes will level up and become stronger as you progress through this game, gaining new skills as well and leveling up existing ones. PvP will also be available including a 6- and 9-man Arena combat.

Lastly, like the current game has, The World II will have fully destructible elements within the environment. So you can get shoved through a tree or end up putting your sword through a pillar of stone trying to hit the monster you’re fighting. There will also be a Day/Night cycle and weather effects as well.

It sounds like The World II will be a separate release from the original game, but it could end up being a big, really big update for the current The World II: Hunting Boss game as well. We’re waiting on confirmation regarding that. As for release, The World II is currently being tested in Taiwan and China. It will be arriving shortly in Korea, Japan, and some undisclosed English-speaking countries as well. There will also be a soft launch happening later this month in Canada and Australia. So the global launch should be happening shortly after the soft launch, as long as everything goes well.

If you want to check out the original game, you can pick up The World II Hunting Boss off of Google Play for a buck. Just keep in mind that the original game is currently single-player only. You can check out the upcoming The World II game in action with the video below.

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