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Twitch updated their app with a pop-out viewer for multi-tasking fun

In other streaming app news, Twitch has updated their application with a singular new feature, which happens to be a pop-out viewer. This pop-out viewer will let users continue to watch their current channel of choice on Twitch even when they have left the app itself.

This little handy viewer will make sure you don’t miss a second of whatever it is you happen to be watching at that time, like all the fun things we do on our channel, while letting you handle other phone related activities. When you leave the app while watching a stream, via the double window looking button on the stream window, it will close the application and the viewer will appear in the top center of your screen. From there you can drag the viewer around to where you want it to be.

Tapping the same button will close the pop-out viewer and open the Twitch app back up onto the channel you were watching. You can also pause the stream you’re watching through the pop-out viewer. The update is now available on Google Play and can be downloaded at anytime for free.

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