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OrangePixel shows off 12+ minutes of Space Grunts gameplay with new video

OrangePixel’s next title that will be eventually getting released soon is Space Grunts. We’ve reported on this game a few times already during the development process and now we all get to check out plenty of gameplay thanks to a new video from OrangePixel. If you’re unfamiliar with this game, it is a pretty unique hybrid of a roguelike turn-based action game.

The short description of Space Grunts is that this is an action-arcade game but it plays like a turn-based roguelike title. It was originally going to be another Heroes of Loot game but it has since evolved into the strange hybrid title it is now. There is still the dungeon crawler aspect in this game that is found in Heroes of Loot, but instead it will play out as a turn-based game with a more futuristic theme to it.

If you’re a fan of development videos, OrangePixel has steadily been releasing a weekly series following the entire development process for Space Grunts. However this new video is not a development video. Instead it is just a pure gameplay video showing off a lot of what we can expect when the game is released. The video, which is below, is over 12 minutes long so be prepared for a longer than normal video.

Space Grunts doesn’t have an official release date as of yet, or pricing information. We’ll post an update when those details, as well as any other information, gets released.

Official Website: OrangePixel – Space Grunts

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