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OrangePixel’s upcoming roguelike game Space Grunts gets a new gameplay video and more details released

We’ve covered OrangePixel’s latest endeavor called Space Grunts which will be coming soon to mobile devices. However there has always been a few details we haven’t been able to fill in each time we write about this game. Things like launch date, pricing, platforms it will be on (besides the obvious), and a few other tidbits of information have all been missing until now.

For those of you not familiar with this game, Space Grunts was actually going to be a sequel to Heroes of Loot, but somewhere during the earlier part of development it evolved into the game it is now. This is a futuristic-themed roguelike dungeon crawler but with a turn-based style of gameplay, even though it is an action game. How it will all work out, we will be finding out soon with some hands-on time with Space Grunts but from what we have seen, it works out pretty good.

The game takes place on a Moon base where ‘something’ has happened and it will be your job to find out what that something actually is. While the game may be turn-based, it is actually quite fast-pace as well. Players will be able to choose to play as one of three different character classes. From there you can use various weapons and upgrades as well as a large collection of items to deal with any hostiles you may encounter.

OrangePixel also game us a bit of a tip to consider, although it will be something you learn anyways from playing the game: “Most of the tactics will come from using your inventory as smart as possible, with items such as teleporters, time-warpers, protective suits, bionic-body improvements, and so on”. So it appears that inventory management will be very important in this game.

As for when Space Grunts will be released, right now there is a Q4 2015 time frame, which at least gives us a bit better of an idea of when to expect this game to arrive. As for what platforms this game will be on, Space Grunts will arrive for normal Android devices, Android TV, and Ouya. This also means there will be controller support and if you want to play this on PC, it’ll be on Steam as well. In the meantime, you can check out the new video released showing off more of Space Grunts gameplay. There will also be a beta happening soon, so stay tuned for that update as well.

Official Website: Space Grunts

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