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Spacetime Studios’ upcoming MOBA Call of Champions starts closed beta access and gets a new trailer

Having been in a very limited Alpha testing phase for the past month or so, Spacetime Studios has announced today that they will begin letting a selection of gamers who sign up entry into the first closed beta for their upcoming MOBA game Call of Champions. We have been covering the development of this game since it was announced earlier this year and it has progressed nicely so far.

However if you have missed our previous coverage, here is the quick and dirty explanation as to what Call of Champions is, besides being a new MOBA game. Spacetime Studios has built a new MOBA game for mobile devices from the ground up, rebuilding the traditional MOBA style of game into something more suitable for mobile devices. Matches will be within a specific time limit of 5 minutes in order to adhere to quick mobile gameplay with a lot of action stuffed into a short period of time. Players will be joining up in a 3 vs 3 style of MOBA gameplay, but there are no minions in this game. Instead players will be just dealing with the heroes form the opposing team as well as defense towers. You will also have to push the Orb of Death to the enemy base as it mitigates damage enough so you can destroy defensive towers and the actual enemy base in order to win the game.

All heroes are upgradeable with 10 different tiers of skills, but all of that is done outside of matches with the XP you earn from winning/losing a match. There is also an entire suite of eSports focused tools that will arrive with Call of Champions including the ability to zoom in on the action, rewind/fast-forward, and so on. At launch there will be 15 heroes available, but there will be over 40 by the time all the characters are released into the game with future updates. If you want a lot more in-depth details about Call of Champions, definitely check out our hands-on preview from GDC 2015 as well as our interview with Spacetime Studios about Call of Champions.

Today Spacetime Studios will begin letting in waves of players who want to be a part of the closed beta testing for Call of Champions. As of right now, there is no specific date as to when the closed beta will end, but it won’t be ending for a bit. So we should all be getting plenty of hands-on time with Call of Champions. For those of you interested in signing up for the beta can do so over at the official website for Call of Champions. Along with the beta signups going live, Spacetime Studios has also released a new trailer which you can check out below as well as additional screenshots.

Official Website: Call of Champions (beta sign-ups)

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