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Bandai Namco brings Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle to Android gamers globally today

Bandai Namco has had Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle in a location limited soft launch for the past few weeks and it appears everything has appeared to gone well as this game is now available on a global scale over on Google Play. This is actually a bit of a hybrid game, mixing team-based gameplay with a bit of an puzzle-based brawler that takes place on a board game type of system at certain points.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle will have you forming a team of characters that you will control and go up against other Dragon Ball Z characters. Players will be exploring different zones with their team in the above mentioned board game type of play, which is where you will also be finding items and power-ups that you can use when in battle.

Then when you get into actual combat, it will be a more one-on-one type of event where you will need to collect Ki, which is done by tapping on the appropriate Ki Balls, in order to unleash your attacks. The goal here is to create a path to your opponent, so if you see blue Ki Balls in a row making it all the way to whomever you’re fighting, that would be the ones you want to tap on for that round.

While you an form your group to however you like, you may want to pay attention to who you actually add to your group. Some characters that are teamed up together will unlock unique Link Skills. These are basically ultimate attacks that do far more damage than regular ones, but are only accessible when certain characters are groups together.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is now available on Google Play for free and it does contain optional IAPs as well.

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